Rogue Cheetahs Safely Returned: Aerial Teamwork in Conservation

Two cheetahs forming a coalition ventured beyond the boundaries of Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park and were discovered on community land recently.

Thanks to the assistance of their satellite collars and effecting monitoring by Wildlife ACT priority species monitors, pinpointing their location was a relatively straightforward task. Given the challenging and rugged terrain, a decision was made to dart them from a helicopter.

After, Dr Jen Lawrence successfully immobilised both cheetahs, Cole du Plessis from the @the_ewt joined the team at the capture site. He arrived with two cheetah crates, enabling them to be awakened from their sedation for a lengthy journey back into the park.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork and we’re proud to have supported @ezemvelokznwildlife with this operation.

Veterinarian collaboratively sponsored by @africanwildlifevets and @conservation_beyond_borders