About Us

African Wildlife Vets is a non-profit organisation with the primary aim of assisting wildlife organisations with the conservation of threatened species by providing essential veterinary support.

South Africa contains critically important biodiversity that is conserved in a growing network of state, private and communally managed protected areas. As the human population has grown, wildlife has become increasingly under pressure from land transformation, limited habitat, fenced areas, snaring, poaching and disease transmitted by domestic livestock and pets, placing veterinary services under strain.

Wildlife now needs to be closely monitored and managed to ensure the long-term survival of each species. An important aspect of this type of conservation is wildlife veterinary care. African Wildlife Vets assists with the continued conservation of threatened species by providing veterinary services through the funding of personnel, veterinary equipment, and medication.

our team

Kate Church

KAte Church
Founder / Managing Director

Dr. Chris Smith

DR. chris smith
Associated Veterinarian

Dr Joel Alves
Associated veterinarian

Dr. Pete Goodman

Dr. pete goodman
Founder / Director

DR. jennifer lawrence

Dr Ben Muller
Associated veterinarian

Dr. Dave Cooper

Dr. Dave Cooper
Founder / Director / Veterinarian

Dr. Max Krings

Meagan de Lange
Marketing & media manager

Dr. Rowan Leeming

Dr. Rowan Leeming
Director / Veterinarian

Dr. Amanda salb
Associated Veterinarian - Malawi

Nicky van Leeuwen