Tragic Collision: Speeding Train Strikes 4 Rhinos, Prompting Emergency Response

You may or may not have seen in recent news articles, the tragic incident whereby 4 rhinos were hit by a speeding train in Phongolo Nature Reserve. Two were killed on impact and the other two were suspected to be severely injured.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife field rangers dedicated their time to findingthe injured animals. They managed to locate one of the animals which was showing severe lameness on its front right leg. Veterinary assistance was promptly sought and African Wildlife Vets veterinarians Dr Max Krings and Dr Jennifer Lawrence arrived at the scene as soon as they could.

Dr Krings successfully darted him and both he and Dr Lawrence assessed the animals’ wounds and condition. There was marked swelling over the shoulder and elbow and there were indications that it had been using it’s face to assist with walking. The prognosis for recovery was very poor and the most humane intervention was to euthanise him.

Journalist Tony Carnie wrote an in-depth article about the incident. You can read it here:…/2023-08-20-plea-for…