Daring Rescue Amidst Adversity: Team Frees Leopard from Snare in Challenging Operation

Earlier this week @the_conservation_vet rescued a male leopard from a snare despite facing challenging conditions. The rain, mud, and persistent presence of spotted hyenas made the operation quite a circus.

The leopard was perched high up in a tree, and the team had to navigate a tricky darting process. After being tranquilized, the leopard slipped off the branches and into thick vegetation, making it a bit of a challenge to reposition him so he could breathe while still partially awake. It was a tense moment, but the team’s expertise prevailed, and they managed to secure the leopard.

Upon examination, it was evident that the leopard had a severely infected snare, emitting a terrible odor. His lower jaw area was noticeably swollen due to fluid buildup. Despite these challenges, the prognosis for a full recovery is promising.

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📸: Marcel Viljoen & Ros-Amy Els