Working Together for Rhino Conservation: Successful Horn-Trimming Operation

“Teamwork makes dream work,” a phrase that truly resonated during last week’s remarkable mass horn-trimming operation. In a collaborative effort, African Wildlife Vets, supported by Cycle of Life joined forces with the Aspinall Foundation supported by DCM Surfaces assisted Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) in trimming the horns of 40 white rhinos. The operation took place at the stunning Loskop Dam.

Horn trimming, commonly known as “dehorning,” stands as a crucial security measure in our ongoing fight against rhino poaching. This procedure involves the careful removal of both the posterior and anterior horns, significantly reducing the rhinos’ appeal to poachers.

The successful implementation of this vital initiative was made possible through the concerted efforts of all involved parties. With the aerial support of Jana from Hope for Wildlife Helicopter, we efficiently darted and safely trimmed the horns of all 40 rhinos in just three days.

The commitment displayed by all the organisations involved demonstrates the power of collaboration in protecting our precious wildlife. The unity of these organizations and individuals highlights the importance of working together towards a shared goal – the conservation of white rhinos.

We’d like to applaud the MTPA Game Capture unit, the veterinary team, Friends of Wildlife Management and all the individuals who ensured the success of this operation.

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