Dr Chris Smith assists wounded white rhino

A female white rhino was recently found with a large wound on her rump. The cause of the injury was unknown and veterinary intervention was required to ensure that it was not a result of human-wildlife conflict (e.g. a gunshot wound). Dr Chris Smith and Jana Meyer of Hope for Helicopter Wildlife Services were first called to assist with the operation to treat her in March.

3 weeks after the initial treatment, Dr Chris Smith and helicopter pilot Jason Fisher of Heligistix went back to the reserve for a follow-up treatment. The wound was looking much better. Dr Smith cleaned the wound again, removed maggots and gave her more anti-biotics and pain medication. An anti-bacterial cream was placed on the wound. A tracking collar was placed on her which will enable the MTPA rhino monitor to track her movements and assess her condition. The prognosis for a full recovery is very good.

The helicopter time for the first operation was funded by the Aspinall Foundation. The helicopter time in the second operation was funded by Wild Wonderful World and Wild Tomorrow Fund.

African Wildlife Vets provided the veterinary assistance for both operations.

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