Collaborative Conservation: Safeguarding Manyeleti’s Rhinos in Mpumalanga

In the heart of Mpumalanga, African Wildlife Vets, proudly supported by XContent (Pty) Ltd and African Secret Liqueur, and Friends Of Wildlife Management joined forces to assist the Mpumalunga Tourism and Parks Game Capture Unit in an incredible mission. Together, we embarked on a challenging journey to protect the rhino population at Manyeleti Game Reserve.

Wildlife veterinary operations are not always smooth sailing, and this was our second attempt at horn-trimming Manyeleti’s rhino population.

During our first try, we encountered extreme wind conditions that grounded the helicopter, a vital tool for ensuring the safety and efficiency of these operations. But with determination and resilience, we regrouped and returned for a successful operation.

The helicopter not only guides the darted animals to a safe location for the ground team but also keeps other curious creatures at bay, ensuring everyone’s well-being.

Collaboration is key in conservation, and we’re proud to work with incredible organizations.

African Wildlife Vets, sponsored by XContent Business Solutions and African Secrets, took care of the veterinary side, while Friends of Wildlife Management ensured the helicopter time that was required.

This operation was a testament to what we can achieve when we come together for the sake of our wildlife. Let’s continue to make a difference and protect our planet’s most precious inhabitants.