After the first Wildlife Conservation Act in India was drafted in 1972 a three-day International Conference was held by the Madhya Pradesh government to address issues around wildlife population management and human wildlife conflict. With increasing anthropogenic pressures, it was felt that there was an urgent need to think of new policies, approaches and laws to protect biodiversity
throughout the country.

Dr Dave Cooper had the pleasure of being part of a South African contingent that presented on various forms of  population management in Southern Africa including range expansion, translocation, contraception and mitigation of human/livestock issues. Dave stated that “it was also personally gratifying to return, after 12 years to Kanha where I previously provided technical assistance in the translocation of 50 Gaur (Bos gaurus) to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in order to correct a local extinction.” 

The conference concluded with a healthy debate that hopefully will lead to some positive changes in legislation to ensure the protection of the spectacular and diverse wildlife habitat remaining in India.